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Neil White’s tour blog – part 14

Cast members Claire and Chris take over from Neil in the latest blog.

The Sound of Music team are in Eastbourne, and a cast change is on the cards…

Hi All,

The show is now settled in Eastbourne after the mammoth journey down from North Wales, it would have been quicker to get to New York!

We had fun and games putting the show in here as the Congress Theatre hasn’t got the largest stage and also the dressing room space is very restricted.

Claire FishendenThe new company started rehearsals on Tuesday – so it really has been a busy week…

To help me out with the blog over this busy time – I have 2 guest bloggers – Claire Fishenden, who plays Liesl, and Chris Barton, the new Rolf….

Neil x

Hi. Claire here, aka Liesl Von Trapp.

So my week begins in Eastbourne; sun sea, and a pebble beach; oh well you can’t have it all!


Meet and greet with the new cast was funny. Neil White our company manager had told me everyone who’s anyone would be there so I got nervous as he had said I had to sing ’16,17’. Me being the gullible sap that I am, I believed him. This however was not the case….

Everyone seemed lovely we all introduced ourselves – I tried my best to remember names but I have the memory of a fish. There was tea, biscuits, cakes, fondant fancies and chocolate fingers…I ate about 100 chocolate fingers and one too many fondant fancies so then had to work extra hard at the gym. Oops.

Was lovely to meet my new Rolf Chris Barton, we are definitely going to have lots of fun. Although I will miss Jeremy Taylor – I wish I could work with them both!

We all play poker every week including Captain Von Trapp. Poker night was fab this week, although I went out first. Oh well I can’t win every week.

Back to my room at the Travelodge, which had a view of the car park. However the lovely receptionist Sammie has now got me a sea view room which is beautiful – but basic as all Travelodges go.

In my dressing room there is Marylyn, Jacinta, Kirsty and I. We have a lovely view of the tennis which starts next week. I’m sure we will eat loads of strawberries and try our luck at getting a view of the Williams sisters. Maybe you’ll see the sisters of the abbey peering from our window on the BBC news.


As I write this now, it’s a Thursday, which means a two-show day, and it’s a scorcher outside. Hope the weathers better tomorrow as I have the morning off… on Friday rehearsals begin and I have a two hour call for ’16,17’ so looking forward to the working with Mr. Barton.


It’s Friday morning and I’m to the gym before rehearsals for my sins. At rehearsals Anna, our associate director, and Frank the resident director were both there. We discussed our characters in depth I really enjoyed re-discovering Liesl. Then we rehearsed – it was very different which was good for me and will keep me on my toes. Anna and Frank did a fab job. And Chris too – he was fab and picked it up so quickly. I’m looking forward to the next one. All the Rolfs and Liesls then hit the ice cream shop. If you’re in Eastbourne go try it – it’s called Favl’oso and is opposite the theatre.

Today I played badminton outside the theatre with Kate and Zoe from the cast – it was funny as we had no net! I’m going to miss so many people when they leave. A special mention goes to Vivien Care who has been with the show since it began. She is also a lovely lady and truly a great friend. Also my two Liesl covers, Clara and Zoe, who both hold a special place in my heart.

So that’s basically my week. Think it’s going to be another fab year.

Oh forgot to say I fell over coming down the stairs in sound of music – I am a bit clumsy!

Chris Barton enjoys an ice cream...Well this is my first ever blog. I hope it’s up to standard! Goodbye for now.

Claire x

Hey guys, my names Chris. I’m joining the tour playing Rolf.

We started rehearsals this week and I’m absolutely loving it. We arrived on Monday and met up with some new cast members. I think it’s going to be a great year. We all get along really well and everyone’s lovely.

We’ve basically had a fun filled week as rehearsals have been spread out over a few days leaving us free to sit in the sun (going through lines, obviously) and eating ice cream all day!! There are only so many ice cream sundaes you can eat in one day!! Poor wardrobe will have a job on their hands if we keep eating them as alterations will have to be made.

The cast enjoy an ice cream breakWe had a meet and greet on Wednesday where all current and new company members met. It was nice to see who our new family is for the year. Everybody was so welcoming. I also met Claire, my Liesl. She’s great. She looks so prim and proper onstage! And comes off stage and sounds like Katie Price! Just kidding Claire!

It’s now Saturday and I’m not needed in rehearsals. So once again we’re sat on the beach enjoying the sights of Eastbourne. We only been here a week and already we have nicknames and a lot of banter going on between the company. I love it.

Well, I’m off to paddle in the sea so I will do another blog soon to tell you more about what’s goes on back stage of the sound of music tour. Enjoy the sun! X

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